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I-CON Interculturality Congress Series

Interculturality Congress Series

Interculturality and Values in Process: Between Analysis and Global Wisdom

The Interculturality Congress Series consists of five conferences to be held in a biannual turnus in the years from 2008-2017.  The first event in the series was in Europe ( UC2008/I-CON2008 ). ICON2010 will be held in China (Fudan University Shanghai, to be confirmed), ICON2012 will be in Africa (Cape Town), ICON2014 will be in India, and ICON2016 will be in Hawaii or South-America.

The ICON series engages a world-wide network of researchers working in the human and social sciences, and the humanities, in particular philosophy, religious studies, the history of ideas, and theology.   The aim of the series is to advance scholarly inquiry into values from a cross-cultural and intercultural point of view.  ICON meetings shall:

  • present and work up intercultural understanding of the content of cultural core values in theoretical and practical domains, such as knowledge, learning, truth, justice, equality, trust, honesty, responsibility, solidarity, moral leadership etc.
  • present research on applications of intercultural inquiry on values, in particular as a means of conflict transformation and peace-building
  • connect researchers around the world in a joint effort of strenghtening a scholarly discourse on values that can counterbalance ideological simplifications and political abuse of cultural values, i.e. fundamental existential insights to be found in all cultures
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