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Calender of Events

Calendar of Events 2006-2008:

Workshop/Conference/ Lecture  Time Location Local Society /Organizer
Nature, Finality, Intentionality Nov. 24, 2005 Ian Ramsey Center, Oxford Oxford Group (NFI)
PPS Orientation Meeting Dec. 11, 2005 AU Conference Center PPS
Causality and Motivation April 20-22, 2006 Bolzano, Mitteleuropa Foundation Bolzano Group (CM)
Conflicts: Theories... May 17, 18, 2006 AU Conference Center PPS
Continuity and Change June 7-9 2006 Philadelphia USA Metanexus
Actions Oct. 10-13, 2006 Rome Trieste Group (NFI)
Infinity Dec., 2006 Tübingen Tübingen-Freiburg Group (NFI)
Conflict and Identity... Nov. 23, 24, 2006 Aarhus PPS
Anticipation April, 2007 Rome Rome Group (CM)
Conflict, Communication... May 23 and 24 Aarhus PPS
Unity of Knowledge June 2-6 Philadelphia USA Metanexus
Levels of Reality September 26-30, 2007 Bolzano Bolzano Group
Understanding Conflicts August 19-22, 2008 Aarhus PPS (CM)
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