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The Global Dialogue Prize

The Global Dialogue Prize

The Global Dialogue Prize -- a new research award in the Humanities

The Global Dialogue Prize is an award for world scholarship on values, on the global dialogue on cultural values, and on intercultural value research.  

The Global Dialogue Prize honors outstanding achievements in the production, application, and communication of research in the humanities and other fields of scholarship and science; it may also honor exceptional journalistic achievements in advancing cross-cultural understanding.  Primarily the award acknowledges excellence in research on values from a cross-cultural or intercultural point of view, on the conditions and content of a global dialogue on values, as well as sustained efforts, by researchers and journalists, at research communication for the promotion of intercultural competence relating to values and transformation of culture-based conflicts.

The award is allocated to a person or institution biannually from 2009 onwards, at least until 2017.  The Global Dialogue Prize is sponsored by the Global Dialogue Foundation Aarhus, a consortium of private donors and public institutions, and designated to become one of the most prestigious awards for research and research communication in the Humanities. In connection with the Global Dialogue Prize, five subsidiary prizes for young researchers will be awarded. 

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