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Research focus

What is interculturality?

"Interculturality" is a concept that ICON research aims to introduce as a technical term into the philosophy of culture. In brief, interculturality is a theoretical and practical position where diversity, incommensurability, and conflict of values are embraced as leading to joined inquiry about systematic and historical relationships between values horizons and practical solutions.  Interculturality is the successor concept to multi-culturalism--it is a productive model of cultural pluralism that is neither universalistic nor particularistic but implements a process in the course of which sharable contents and values are both discovered and generated.

Interculturality can be formulated more precisely only on the basis of a process-ontologial conception of values, their role in agentive orientation, and their metaphysical foundations.

Research themes:

  • Core element of cosmovisions (cross-cultural comparisons of certain moral, cultural,  social, and religious values)
  • The ontology of values  and types of normative grounding
  • Intercultural dialogue: Theory and Forms of Realization
  • Intercultural communication (”Conflict and digital communication”)
  • Intercultural hermeneutics
  • Conceptions of social and cultural ’identity
  • Intercultural category theory and creativity
  • Conceptions of self and self-valuative emotions
  • Rationality in action
  • Climate, culture and conflict

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