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International Partners

International Partners:

The SophiaEurope Network consists of 15 groups, divided into 3 thematic subgroups:

Short Title Location Disciplinary Focus: Theology and...
Group I: Nature, Intentionality, Finality    
Intentionality University of Trieste Sociology
Human Nature Oxford University Physics, Chemistry, Anthropology
Conscience University of Heidelberg Neuroscience
Philosophy, Mathematics, and Theology University of Tübingen Mathematics
Necessity and Chance University of Paderborn Biology
Group II: Causality and Motivation    
Anticipation University of Bolzano Sociology, Ontology, Computer Science
Space, Time, and Causation University of Monte Cassino Philosophy of Science
Intentionalism and Cognitive Explanation University of Lyon Neurophysiology, Psychology
Process, Person, and Society University of Aarhus Social and Political Philosophy, Ontology
Ecology and Inculturation Rome Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture
Group III: Culture, Technology, Religion    
Christianity, Arts, Technology University of Glenstal Music
Christianity in a Technological Age University of Limerick  
Foundations of Science University of Warsaw  
Technological Determinism University of Salford Computer Science, Management
Culture, Technology, and Religion Waterford, Centre for  Applied Arts Arts

Main Coordinator: Antonio Russo, Trieste

Nature, Intentionality, Finality (Coordinator:Antonio Russo, Trieste)

Trieste: Intentionality

Oxford: Human Nature

Heidelberg: Conscience Forum (theology and Neuroscience)

T¸bingen-Freiburg: Philosophy, Mathematics, and Theology

Paderborn: Necessity and Chance

Causality and Motivation (Coordinator: Roberto Poli, Bolzano)

Bolzano: Anticipation

Monte Cassino: Space and Time in Science, Philosophy, and Theology

Lyon: Intentionalism and Contemporary Cognitive Explanation

Aarhus: Process, Person, and Society

Rome: Ecology and Inculturation

Culture, Technology and Religion (Coordinator: Eammon Conway, Limerick)

Glenstal: Christianity, Arts and Monasticism in a Technological Age

Limerick: Christianity in a Technological Age

Salford: Technological Determinism

Waterford: Culture, Technology and Religion

Warsaw: Foundations of Science

List of Local Societies:

Group I: (1) Pontifical Gregorian University; (2) University of Trieste; (3) University of Pisa; (4) University of Oxford; (5) University of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Group II: (1) Mitteleuropa Foundation; (2) University of Cassino and Pontifical University of Sant’Anselmo (Italy); (3) University of Aarhus, Dänemark; (4) Salford University; (5) Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Lyon.

Group III: (1) University of Limerick; 2) Waterford Institute of Technology (Irland); 3) Salesian Pontifical University, Rome; 4) University of Warsaw, Poland; 5) Mary Immaculate College, Limerick (Ireland) .



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