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Upcoming PPS meeting

During January 2008 through August 2008 the PPS-group will not hold an additional workshop, since all our energies are currently channelled into the organization of UC2008 ( ).

But we will hold preparatory meetings for reading and discussion on the following dates, discussing the following texts by UC2008 Keynote and Plenary speakers.  These meetings will be held at the AU-department for Philosophy and the History of Ideas, but will be announced at the AU-department for theology, psychology, and anthropology, and are open to all faculty and students.

Tuesday February 26, 16-19 hrs:  

Russell Hardin: The Logic of Group Conflicts

Wednesday March 26, 16-19 hrs:

Amina Wadud: Qu'ran and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective 

Reinhold Bernhardt: The End of Dialogue? The Encounter of Religions and Their Theological Reflection

Thursday April 24, 16-19 hrs:

Dominique Shila Khan: Crossing the Threshold--Understanding Religious Identities in South Asia

Zygmunt Baumann: Living in an Age of Uncertainty

Monday, May 26, 16-19 hrs:

Douglas Fry: Beyond War--the Human Potential for Peace

Sohail Hashmi, Islamic Political Science

Tuesday, June 17, 16-19 hrs:

Marc Ross: The Culture of Conflict--Interpretations and Interests in Comparative Perspective

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